Bodhi Moon Yoga teaches Practice that incarnates an Awakened Intellect to embody the Wisdom within.

We are devoted to the qualities of Balance, Harmony, Nurture, and Love within each soul.

We are inspired by the power of the Moon to feel with her Wisdom, to move with peace, solid and centered, orbiting our heart body as she stabilizes Earth for life.

This grace lives within each of us to not change, but create the world we live in.

Teaching Yoga as sacred activism by calling our students into conscious action. If we can shed the falseness to recognize our impact,  and that we have choices we can make based on integrity devoted to the Living Earth.

This is the Vortex that pulls us Home.

Yoga not just to relax and de-stress but to awaken the Warrior that creates impact.

The programs offered with Bodhi Moon are about creating space for shifts to happen. Each one of us holds the key to our own awakening. The resistance to daily meeting the self is protection from lack of self acceptance. We project onto others that which we wish to be ourselves. Our stories are our guides, leading us to understand our deepest qualities. Yoga offers the opportunity to take the journey back to the self and emerge  connected, and strong in our vision for wholeness. As teachers we must first discover ourselves if we wish to hold space for others. To truly become a guide, we must first open our own doors.

This path is a healing journey of the soul through commitment, practice, vulnerability, and the ability to stand raw with our conscious connection to Life.

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