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The body holds patterns that echo the way we relate to life. Our responses to reality are a direct connection to our physiological patterns circling our traumas, stresses, and the intensity of being human. Much like the planets circle the sun, we have an orbit based on our genetic makeup and life experiences.

Practice is the capacity to transform every situation into a moment of truth for the soul. It is the strength, wisdom, and intelligence to witness this orbit with integrity, grace, and acknowledgment that we are more. We are a consciousness beyond the body and mind that is connected with the energies of the universe. We are a continuum of the underlying spark that was the beginning of everything.


The Journey begins from what is inside. Finding balance within until we can glimpse the balance in each heart. Letting the Moon move our waters with grace and knowing. Being the strength of the tides, the light in the darkness, the reflection of the cool fire. Embodying the depth of time collected within her gravity.

The hardest piece is finding the commitment to return to the daily practice. It is often the piece that keeps coming back, calling us to remember and understand the depth of what this practice holds.

The practice is the foundation for everything. It is the place to come home, feel ,connect, align receive, remember, listen and rest. It becomes the refuge to the chaos in the world. It is the foundation of our courage to step forward and transform reality to match the visions of our dreams.

For personal one on one mentorship please contact me personally and we shall grow together

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