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Bodhi is the seeker, one who becomes the awakened, and in turn helps others to  transcend into this state of reality.

Moon is a celestial being stabilizing the Earth for life, offering wisdom feminine in nature.

Cooling, Receiving, Reflecting, Mysterious, Quite, Strong, Present, Wavering, Moving, Dancing, Spinning, Full, and New.

Her strength lies in the mystery of her darkness, and the ability to reflect the full force of fire.

Bodhi Moon is receiving the power of the feminine intellect without loosing the quality of balance she offers us in our lives. To become clear in our truth which in turn transforms us for a deep meaningful interaction with all life.

Here we can rest in stillness to receive just a glimpse of her wholeness

 Bringing her Primordial Wisdom into the eyes of our soul.


Tanya’s training is about the emotional, mental, and psychological characteristics manifested within the body, harnessing the essence of yoga as a map for self healing and empowerment. She integrates movement and felt sense into the yoga practice that facilitates connection to the Earth and all her elements.

She is a registered Continuing Educator with Yoga Alliance and offers programs and workshops developed to deepen the Yoga experience - connecting us to the primordial wisdom inherited in our bodies and spirit.  She also offers private sessions to support recovery from injury, trauma, or addictions with the yogic concept of self -healing through body wisdom.

To book for workshops in your area, please contact me at


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