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Awakening the Primordial Wisdom Within

Bodhi Moon offers classes and sessions connecting with the primordial wisdom of the body and soul. Working with traditional yoga asanas, meditation, and pranayama to awaken the feminine intellect.


Offering a radio program on Cortes Radio- Pranayama Pachamama with podcasts available of past programs. Devotional and awakening music to accompany the daily practice of centering and belonging.



Working with individuals on an intimate level of realization. Resting into the subtle energies contained within the body to reveal the conditioning responses and resistance to a personal relationship with the self.



Where We Are

Bodhi Moon Yoga is on beautiful Cortes Island, British Columbia surrounded by Nature. 

Between the wildness of Mother Earth and the wildness of the Heart we can explore the spaces contained within and connected to the Spirit of Life.

Here, we can explore the possibilities by drawing on the wisdom of the four elements Earth, Water, Fire, and Air surrounding ourselves with their invigorating energy. Cortes offers us an opportunity to be intimate with Mother Nature while learning to communicate the path to balance with her.

Diving deep into the pool of the heart and emerge a conscious energetic soul prepared to begin the journey of transformation.

 Come and Become.


Bodhi Moon Yoga

Box 316 Whaletown, BC


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